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About us

In Nottingham and Nottinghamshire we have made great progress in improving your health and wellbeing as a population.

However, with great improvements come new challenges.

While you are now living longer, many of these additional years are not being lived in good health and the challenges are not evenly spread across the local population. For example, if you are born in Ruddington today, you can expect 72 years of good health; but if you are born in Bilborough, you can expect just 52. We want to change that.

As a health and care system, we are working to improve those additional years, enabling everyone to live a longer, happier, healthier and more independent life into their old age.

We aim to achieve this with better local access to health and care services, and a greater focus on the prevention of illnesses, not just the treatment. After all, prevention is better than cure.

As one of the first areas in the country to develop an Integrated Care System (ICS), Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is bringing our local NHS, councils and voluntary sector together.

We are combining healthcare and other services to look after you within your home and local community.

Being part of a combined health and social care system we have greater freedom to manage local services, to spend money on health and care, and to invest in what we know works.

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