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In January, the NHS launched its Long Term Plan which sets out its ambition to make sure everyone has the best start in life, receives world class care for major health problems and gets the support they need to age well. To help us deliver the aims of the Long Term Plan locally, we'd like your views to help shape our Nottingham and Nottinghamshire plan.

We've listened to your views in helping shape the NHS Long Term Plan for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Your opinion on the plan’s priorities, and how you and your family get health advice, support and services – is important to us. You’re at the heart of everything we do, so we wanted to make sure your voice was heard.

Like you, we care deeply about the NHS and the healthcare services provided by local councils. But we know as well as you do that things cannot stay the same – as we all live longer, as populations grow and as advanced new treatments and procedures start to be available, the NHS needs to change. And so we need to know what matters to you – as we plan for the next five years we want to know if we’ve got our priorities right. We are now reviewing all the responses and will provide our findings soon.

This month, our focus is on digital healthcare. Click here to read how technology is opening up new possibilities for prevention, care and treatment.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their views - we’ve had a great response. We’re currently crunching the numbers and will report back soon.

This month, our focus is on digital healthcare. Find out how technology is opening up new possibilities.

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In April our focus was on Urgent Care - check out our plans for local services

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